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A Beginning Bible Study Taught by Pastor Melissa Scott


Pastor Melissa Scott discusses the book of Genesis, the book of beginnings. I did a very deep study with some of you in that first book of the Bible. No matter how many times I study Genesis, I begins to clarify all the issues in life. Let’s address the question, “Who is God and what’s He like?” We first encounter Him in Genesis as Creator, the great creative force that spoke everything into being. Now, you’ve got to cross a Rubicon, and that is you actually have to believe that this is true. I’ve heard many people say, “Well, Genesis is merely a collection of old stories, the patchwork of things accumulated.” And this is what I would say; it would be impossible for it to  appear  otherwise. If I could follow you and record your everyday life and everything you did, everything you ate, and every place you went, we’d have volumes of books all about the minutest details of your life. We’d have volumes and volumes, right? Well now imagine if God would have had every minute of every hour recorded in a book – we would not be able to carry it around!

But we do have a record of who God is in the creation. He spoke and out of absolutely nothing – everything. We encounter Him again in the Genesis record very early on as the Spirit that moved upon the face of the waters (Gen. 1:2) If that is true, then the same God that spoke the worlds into being, the same God that created, the same God that breathed life into His creation, that Spirit that was on the waters, the same God that created Adam in His image and likeness is in our midst. Not just in this room, but everywhere you go. And if you have faithed on the Lord Jesus Christ, you have received His Spirit, which makes you just as able as the next person to read and understand and grow in God’s Grace.

I speak as a person who loves Jesus and who understands that without His Word, without a relationship, without praying, without learning and developing through this Word, you cannot grow.

God created Adam in His image and likeness. Adam was given free will and the ability to choose. Free will means that there’s more than one choice. There’s God’s way and there’s our way. And that’s how the Bible defines sin. The Bible does not define sin as what you do or don’t do. The Bible defines sin as going your own way and that’s what Adam and Eve did. They went their own way. That’s basic Christianity, but absolutely needed to build a foundation on because at this juncture some people may still be saying, “Well, the Bible’s not relevant to me.” Yes it is because you’re given the same free will to make the same choices. You’re given the same ability to go God’s way or your way. You’re no different than the first Adam and Eve in the Bible. The thing that amazes me about this is that we have the same liberty, the same freedom and we misuse it the same way. By the time we reach the age of adulthood most of us have really messed up our lives. That’s just a fact. Some more than others, some have better battle scars than others, but the fact of the matter is we’ve all put mileage on this body and it will wear out.



Pastor Melissa Scott

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