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The Psalm 23 by Pastor Melissa Scott

Now the reason for going back and looking at this-I actually have a message which has nothing to do with this right now-but the reason for going back to look at this was I was really concerned with finding out how this navigated. My mind always asks these questions. I’m not satisfied with the simple answer. I want to know what exactly happened. So I began to look and then something staggering is revealed.

Sometime between the time of Origen, sometime between here and here, a great find is made. In this find is called the Geniza. The Geniza was and is considered, probably, the most important find since the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls but in fact it predates it. These finds-it’s kind of interesting how this all came to be. There was a synagogue in old Cairo. You’ll know why I’m perplexed about this. There was a synagogue in old Cairo and in the upper room in the synagogue they brought all of these old manuscripts. And these manuscripts were put in a room, perhaps to be-they could not be destroyed because Jewish people do not destroying anything had the name of God on it.

So they were going to be put in that storage room until the time that a pit could be dug and they could properly bury it. And they believe that the synagogue was in use in eight late 800′s, but what so staggering about and what’s so important about this is two things.

A sixth century polemicist found, sixth century, found here at Geniza and you say to me, ”Well what does this do for me?” Well for a long time we believed that there was nothing between here and the Dead Sea Scrolls. For the longest time we believed that there was nothing in between to fill in this gap, to show us how accents and vowel points and markings and the influence of the Masoretic text on other texts, but what came before it? What was the precursor to all of this? And was there is some code previously marking the Scriptures for us, particularly for the Jewish people forbading to speak the name, the holy name, the sacred name.

So a sixth century polemicist, something that was previously written on and then erased or marked over again, found that kind of helps us understand that these markings were not consistent. They were not. Sometimes they appeared. Sometimes they didn’t. In fact in the Dead Sea Scrolls and I-don’t quote me on this. I know it’s from the fourth cave and I can’t tell you the number. I think its 1Q-Q-139. There is a script that shows a code before Yahweh. The relevance is to this is, this is how strange we are as creatures. If one goes back to the Bible and we look at writings in the Bible, there’s a great dilemma, because God never said at any point that we should not speak His name.

Pastor Melissa Scott

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