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The Great Shepherd by Pastor Melissa Scott

June 25th, 2010

In Hebrews 13, there’s a passage-I’ll put this all together in a minute. Let me put the information on the board and then we’ll put it all together and it will make perfect sense to you and to me.

Hebrews 13:20, “Now the God of peace that brought again from the dead our Lord Jesus, that great shepherd of the sheep, through the blood of the everlasting covenant.” You read it there, Hebrews 13:20, He is the Great. Here He was the Good, He was with them. Here He’s the Great and that passage speaks of the Shepherd resurrected.

The first one He was still with the disciples, He’s the Good Shepherd, and He was still with them. Hebrews 13:20 it speaks of the Great Shepherd, the One who was raised from the dead. So we now are encountering the Shepherd, the shepherd hood of Christ if you will; while He was with them, as the resurrected Christ, the Great Shepherd, He is with us now.

And the last place to see Yahweh Roiy would be in I Peter 5:4. There it speaks of the Chief Shepherd and in that context; in that context let’s read one more passage out of the Psalm. And I need to go back and put these in order because I put them slightly out of order. “I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever,” that’s verse 6 of Psalm 23. You’re saying, “I’m not following you yet.” Well stay with me and I promise you, you will. Here in this one it says, “I’ll dwell in the house for ever.”

The Great Shepherd better I put them out and lay them out for you. The Great Shepherd, this particular example here, I said He restores my soul.  Here we go. Let me try and line them up so makes sense. David is saying Yahweh Roiy and in that expression, which encompasses all the provision-I’m going to cover that word-all the provision, all the needs, everything that you could possibly need, want or desire is provided for. In fact if you comb the names of God, probably every concept that every name of God would fit in there because when the sheep are sick and need care who tends to them? The Lord is my shepherd. When the sheep are hungry and needs provision, Jehovah Jirah.

Pastor Melissa Scott

John Chapter 10 by Pastor Melissa Scott

June 18th, 2010

And then makes it a little clearer when He says He lays down His life for the sheep and describes a picture so amazing. But I analyze that in light of David’s crying out, his Psalm of a mature David, looking back to a time in his youth when he was a shepherd tending the sheep and reflecting in the passage in John. And I began to think you know here’s the interesting, interesting thing on this. A shepherd is not looked at in high regard. We talk about it now, but we don’t have a capacity to relate. It was a low vocation.

And think of this, where God found David, in a low vocation and lifted it up, but lifted him up, but he now says the Lord is his Shepherd. When Jesus says, “I am the good shepherd,” really a condescension of the Lord coming down to us. But let me make the point because there’s a thousand ways to do this. In John 10, He was with the disciples; He had not yet gone to the cross. He was with the disciples. Keep that in mind.

As we progress we have another picture of the shepherd hood shone through the scriptures, which again cannot be missed. If you are reading through this Psalm and you read down because I’m not trying to isolate the verses-I mean I’m not read the whole thing, I’m isolating verses. He says, “The LORD is my shepherd.”

Now there are many things that a shepherd does providing if you’re reading this Psalm, obviously it says, I shall not want, I get rest to lie down, green pastures, food, He leads me, He guides me, He provides for me, provision of every kind, He anoints me, et cetera, et cetera. But the one focus I want to look at is verse 3, “He restores my soul.” The shepherd restores my soul. We just looked at Jesus in John 10.

Pastor Melissa Scott

Keep the Faith by Pastor Melissa Scott

June 11th, 2010

This is the problem. And they, these things live in the flesh. It’s in our DNA.

Now, adultery, pornia, fornication; I wish to go through these at some point and show you that it’s not; it is not a laundry list. And, we could go through all of these, “strife, seditions, heresies, envying,” it doesn’t say, “murderers,” by the way, it says, “murders.” That means the act of killing, not the killer, and we do that daily. It says if you hate, if you hate somebody, you’ve already committed murder. Oh Lord! Deliver us all right now. Help. And then the little words right at the end when he says, “And such like.” In other words, listen, the apostle is not making an exhaustive list; he’s giving you the nature of mankind. And any man or woman that says, “Well I don’t do that,” it’s embedded in our DNA. I’m sorry.

This came by virtue of Adam in the garden and there’s only one cure and that’s why he says you are to submit yourself, rank and file to the Spirit and then you can become a conqueror. It doesn’t mean you’re always going to conquer. And by the way, sometimes those temptations that are sent by God to test and prove us and to see what’s in our heart; will we keep the faith, will we keep trusting, will we keep believing or hear the devil with his temptation and his wiles. So that there’ll be enough saints that walk around with, whether it’s a guilt complex because they were at that place and they can never get it out of their mind; that the Lord’s forgiven them and they’ve received perfect peace and perfect standing, justified before Him. I mean I could go in any direction right now and say to you this is the problem and Jesus pointed this out.

The Spirit is ready, but guesses what? We, as now believers in Christ having received the Spirit, we need to submit to that Spirit. The Spirit’s not going to make you do something against your will. This is the missing message of the church that this passage in Galatians comes alive to me and says, “Wait a minute.” He’s not making this a list of vices and virtues.

Paul understood what Jesus had said in the gospels and the gospels had not, I’m sure, yet circulated. He’d understood about the Spirit and the flesh. And the power, the power that the flesh has to dominate and to take center stage, even “all in the name of Jesus.” “Well, you make me feel like there’s not too much hope for me.”

Well of course there’s hope for you. The hope is that this new implant nature working and abiding and then add layers to this. He’s given us tools to be vigilant, the basis of faith, prayer to be vigilant. And I’m going to add to it and add to it. Jude says, “Praying in the Holy Spirit.” There’s another passage in the Bible where Paul says that men should lift up holy hands everywhere and pray. There’s another passage that I could talk about where it says,

“Praying,” Ephesians 6:18, “Praying in all manners, in all methods and modes of prayer and supplication.” Whew! “Is that after I put on the whole armor of God?

Because it seems like it’s an awful lot of work.” No. What it becomes is I want to be on the battlefield. I want to win this victory. But guess what? I can’t win it on my own. 

Pastor Melissa Scott

Faith in God by Pastor Melissa Scott

June 4th, 2010

He’ll try you with some nice scented body cream or something that will make you feels r-e-a-l good.” Tried by fire. Think about that and forgive me for speaking like this but it will make you enraged to see that the devil has a hold on many people who claim themselves to be believers because they’re not wanting to go through the fire. They want anything but the fire. “Give me the massage chair.

Give me the feel-good stuff. Only give me the Scriptures that I can easily deal with. Don’t give me anything hard and perplexing to deal with that I have to take to prayer and meditate for hours on what I should do with this.” Now, in that passage Jesus speaks of human frailty when He says He’d pray for his faith knowing the frailty and human weakness of man.

He prayed for that. So there’s that foundation that must be ever present. “Without faith,” the scripture says, “it’s impossible,” Hebrews 11:6, “to please God.” And in fact, he that cometh to God must believe that He is God, that He is and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. And the reward, trust me, is not in the here and now. Now once some wake up to that fact and we begin to crack open God’s Word, many of the parallels that I’m saying be confirmed many times over suggest that you’re in the right place listening to the right message. And if it feels uncomfortable, be grateful.

If you feel that there’s a little fire being kindled on you, that’s God’s trying you by fire. Be grateful and say, “Thank God for that fire,” because I know in the process, what comes out will be more like Him and the dross of my former self, hopefully, will be crucified-the thing that I’m supposed to pick up daily. Oh that thing, the cross. And I’ll become eventually more like Him day by day.  So I’m going to start peeling away on these words that hopefully will lead us in the right direction; having said that, I spoke last week on prayer. How many people took my challenge? Show me your hands. There are a couple of you. And did anybody wrestle with the challenge? Good. The challenge was to see if you could take-this is you and me, the self-and park it and put God first in approaching Him in prayer. Now it’s pretty difficult and this is what I discerned from this. If the life a faith is practicing action based on belief sustained by confidence, if the life of faith is that and it’s like training wheels. You have to rethink and sometimes you are now leaning on an unseen force, likewise your and my prayer life depends on some retraining.

Does that mean you should toss everything you’re doing out the window? No. It just means stop for a minute. We can all, if we’re really honest in our hearts, I want to draw closer to Him. I’m sure you want to draw closer o Him. I want to know what pleases Him. While we talk about having a relationship in that prayer in Matthew 6 that we began to look at and the prayer that opens when the disciples in Luke say, “Lord, teach us to pray,” and in Matthew He says, “When you pray, pray after this manner, in this, in this pattern. It doesn’t have to be verbatim, but in this frame I’m giving you.” And three things of God are put first; His name, His kingdom and His will.

Pastor Melissa Scott