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Faith in God by Pastor Melissa Scott

He’ll try you with some nice scented body cream or something that will make you feels r-e-a-l good.” Tried by fire. Think about that and forgive me for speaking like this but it will make you enraged to see that the devil has a hold on many people who claim themselves to be believers because they’re not wanting to go through the fire. They want anything but the fire. “Give me the massage chair.

Give me the feel-good stuff. Only give me the Scriptures that I can easily deal with. Don’t give me anything hard and perplexing to deal with that I have to take to prayer and meditate for hours on what I should do with this.” Now, in that passage Jesus speaks of human frailty when He says He’d pray for his faith knowing the frailty and human weakness of man.

He prayed for that. So there’s that foundation that must be ever present. “Without faith,” the scripture says, “it’s impossible,” Hebrews 11:6, “to please God.” And in fact, he that cometh to God must believe that He is God, that He is and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. And the reward, trust me, is not in the here and now. Now once some wake up to that fact and we begin to crack open God’s Word, many of the parallels that I’m saying be confirmed many times over suggest that you’re in the right place listening to the right message. And if it feels uncomfortable, be grateful.

If you feel that there’s a little fire being kindled on you, that’s God’s trying you by fire. Be grateful and say, “Thank God for that fire,” because I know in the process, what comes out will be more like Him and the dross of my former self, hopefully, will be crucified-the thing that I’m supposed to pick up daily. Oh that thing, the cross. And I’ll become eventually more like Him day by day.  So I’m going to start peeling away on these words that hopefully will lead us in the right direction; having said that, I spoke last week on prayer. How many people took my challenge? Show me your hands. There are a couple of you. And did anybody wrestle with the challenge? Good. The challenge was to see if you could take-this is you and me, the self-and park it and put God first in approaching Him in prayer. Now it’s pretty difficult and this is what I discerned from this. If the life a faith is practicing action based on belief sustained by confidence, if the life of faith is that and it’s like training wheels. You have to rethink and sometimes you are now leaning on an unseen force, likewise your and my prayer life depends on some retraining.

Does that mean you should toss everything you’re doing out the window? No. It just means stop for a minute. We can all, if we’re really honest in our hearts, I want to draw closer to Him. I’m sure you want to draw closer o Him. I want to know what pleases Him. While we talk about having a relationship in that prayer in Matthew 6 that we began to look at and the prayer that opens when the disciples in Luke say, “Lord, teach us to pray,” and in Matthew He says, “When you pray, pray after this manner, in this, in this pattern. It doesn’t have to be verbatim, but in this frame I’m giving you.” And three things of God are put first; His name, His kingdom and His will.

Pastor Melissa Scott

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