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Keep the Faith by Pastor Melissa Scott

June 11th, 2010

This is the problem. And they, these things live in the flesh. It’s in our DNA.

Now, adultery, pornia, fornication; I wish to go through these at some point and show you that it’s not; it is not a laundry list. And, we could go through all of these, “strife, seditions, heresies, envying,” it doesn’t say, “murderers,” by the way, it says, “murders.” That means the act of killing, not the killer, and we do that daily. It says if you hate, if you hate somebody, you’ve already committed murder. Oh Lord! Deliver us all right now. Help. And then the little words right at the end when he says, “And such like.” In other words, listen, the apostle is not making an exhaustive list; he’s giving you the nature of mankind. And any man or woman that says, “Well I don’t do that,” it’s embedded in our DNA. I’m sorry.

This came by virtue of Adam in the garden and there’s only one cure and that’s why he says you are to submit yourself, rank and file to the Spirit and then you can become a conqueror. It doesn’t mean you’re always going to conquer. And by the way, sometimes those temptations that are sent by God to test and prove us and to see what’s in our heart; will we keep the faith, will we keep trusting, will we keep believing or hear the devil with his temptation and his wiles. So that there’ll be enough saints that walk around with, whether it’s a guilt complex because they were at that place and they can never get it out of their mind; that the Lord’s forgiven them and they’ve received perfect peace and perfect standing, justified before Him. I mean I could go in any direction right now and say to you this is the problem and Jesus pointed this out.

The Spirit is ready, but guesses what? We, as now believers in Christ having received the Spirit, we need to submit to that Spirit. The Spirit’s not going to make you do something against your will. This is the missing message of the church that this passage in Galatians comes alive to me and says, “Wait a minute.” He’s not making this a list of vices and virtues.

Paul understood what Jesus had said in the gospels and the gospels had not, I’m sure, yet circulated. He’d understood about the Spirit and the flesh. And the power, the power that the flesh has to dominate and to take center stage, even “all in the name of Jesus.” “Well, you make me feel like there’s not too much hope for me.”

Well of course there’s hope for you. The hope is that this new implant nature working and abiding and then add layers to this. He’s given us tools to be vigilant, the basis of faith, prayer to be vigilant. And I’m going to add to it and add to it. Jude says, “Praying in the Holy Spirit.” There’s another passage in the Bible where Paul says that men should lift up holy hands everywhere and pray. There’s another passage that I could talk about where it says,

“Praying,” Ephesians 6:18, “Praying in all manners, in all methods and modes of prayer and supplication.” Whew! “Is that after I put on the whole armor of God?

Because it seems like it’s an awful lot of work.” No. What it becomes is I want to be on the battlefield. I want to win this victory. But guess what? I can’t win it on my own. 

Pastor Melissa Scott

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