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John Chapter 10 by Pastor Melissa Scott

June 18th, 2010

And then makes it a little clearer when He says He lays down His life for the sheep and describes a picture so amazing. But I analyze that in light of David’s crying out, his Psalm of a mature David, looking back to a time in his youth when he was a shepherd tending the sheep and reflecting in the passage in John. And I began to think you know here’s the interesting, interesting thing on this. A shepherd is not looked at in high regard. We talk about it now, but we don’t have a capacity to relate. It was a low vocation.

And think of this, where God found David, in a low vocation and lifted it up, but lifted him up, but he now says the Lord is his Shepherd. When Jesus says, “I am the good shepherd,” really a condescension of the Lord coming down to us. But let me make the point because there’s a thousand ways to do this. In John 10, He was with the disciples; He had not yet gone to the cross. He was with the disciples. Keep that in mind.

As we progress we have another picture of the shepherd hood shone through the scriptures, which again cannot be missed. If you are reading through this Psalm and you read down because I’m not trying to isolate the verses-I mean I’m not read the whole thing, I’m isolating verses. He says, “The LORD is my shepherd.”

Now there are many things that a shepherd does providing if you’re reading this Psalm, obviously it says, I shall not want, I get rest to lie down, green pastures, food, He leads me, He guides me, He provides for me, provision of every kind, He anoints me, et cetera, et cetera. But the one focus I want to look at is verse 3, “He restores my soul.” The shepherd restores my soul. We just looked at Jesus in John 10.

Pastor Melissa Scott

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