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The Last Passage by Pastor Melissa Scott

In fact, Paul will deal so eloquently with these perfectionist teachers when he gets down to this last passage, he deals with the fact anybody coming to sell you another gospel other than Christ crucified and Christ rose from the dead, anything else is going to be laddered in law and works and the only thing that manages to be worked out in all that is human pride to show your achievements and your accomplishments. And this is why Paul goes on to say, “I glory, I boast in what God has done.”

So voluntarily He gave of Himself to meet our condition that He might deliver us. You know there are different words that will be used. Some places it will say, “To save us,” some, “to spare us.” This Greek word is to take us out of the way of evil and danger and it says, “From this present evil world,” literally “from this present evil age.”  ”According to the will of God and our Father,” so, so simplistic but this our sins, meeting our condition to deliver us being the purpose in this particular verse, all right.

The result of this deliverance-let me use another color. The result of this deliverance brings immediate grace and peace. See, when we do something and try to be homiletic about it, sometimes we have to follow the order. But in this way, looking at it, I see the result from being delivered by His voluntary act for our sins, which He gave His life to deliver us from this present evil age. The result of this deliverance is immediately grace and peace. And we’ve defined both of those things as simple as grace, unmerited favor and peace, cessation of againstness or surrender.

Now what I marvel at, this is the thing that I marvel at. If this was the only part of scripture that I had and didn’t have any part of the Bible, I could know that my salvation didn’t come from anything I did. In every line, line upon line, I know everything that happened in my life, my salvation, and my righteousness came from Him. My justification came from Him.

My sanctification-in fact all of these will exemplify all of those theological words brilliantly done by the Apostle Paul. I don’t even think-it was the hand or the breath of God flowing through him to depict these. So this first one tells me the initial result, grace and peace; and the permanent result, which is here, “to whom be glory for ever and ever.” A simple, simple concept; but one is in the immediate and one is in the permanent. This is in the now, grace and peace in the now; and for ever and ever that glory might be given to God our Father in heaven for that act, that voluntary act.

Pastor Melissa Scott

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