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The Ark of Covenant by Pastor Melissa Scott

They’re both good and they both confirm each other, so quit trying to say that this writer or this fragment contradicts. They are two records woven together. And as we have said many times although the thought process is Moses penned most, the common thought is Moses penned these passages we’re looking at I think it’s an accumulation of writers put together, woven in one tapestry and it confirms itself. So let’s not pick it apart. Let’s put it down to what it is. This is why they became the high criticism scholars because everything was open to be picked apart. I don’t want to do that.

Noah the problem with Noah every child that goes to Sunday School and even children who didn’t go to Sunday School know the story of Noah, and it is, it is depicted like a cartoon: Noah built an ark; the animals went in two by two; it rained forty days and forty nights; they came out and everybody was happy. Now you can all go home. But it’s a little bit more than unfair to say this, the pursuit of brilliant minds, the quest to find the ark.

And you would be surprised, once you start looking at books and documentaries of people who have really put their whole life into the quest to find the ark. I remember I had a conversation with Dr. Scott once and he asked me, now I’m talking about Noah’s Ark, but he asked me, he said, “Where do you think the ‘Ark of the Covenant is’? Now I think I have told you this before I said to him, “I think it is in Ethiopia.” Just oddball, this is some ten years ago.

How would I even think or know? Because I had seen something on the subject that was fascinating. These people claim to have the ark hidden away somewhere. I don’t know it is not for me to say but the fullest proof leads in that direction. It just plumb disappeared. Now unless somebody did something else to it, good chance that these people have it. The ark is one of those things that everybody wants to claim they have either seen or they know they have seen it, but the one common denominator is the quest for it. Not everybody’s quest is the same. Some pursue the ark because if they can just find the ark, that will give validity to the Bible and therefore everything in the Bible will be true. That’s wrong.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that the starting point for us is we start by Faith, not by fact, not by what we see. That is what Christianity is based on, the miracle of the resurrection which I call fact, but we weren’t eyewitnesses, and there are some people even today that say no, just like Thomas, “unless He appears and I can see the nail holes, I won’t believe it.” There are things we must take on Faith, not face value Faith value.

Pastor Melissa Scott

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