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God’s time is not our time by Pastor Melissa Scott

July 23rd, 2010

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that this word ‘with speed’ and this word ‘together’ cause a problem. Why? Because when people read it they say, “it must shortly come to pass”, right now and “the time is at hand”, that means tomorrow or right now. Romans 16:20 if you feel like mulling around, mull, and if you don’t I’ll read it to you. Romans 16:20. Romans 16:20, “and the God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly,” but that hasn’t happened yet. Paul’s writing to encourage in this Roman letter at the end all these greetings and benedictions and salutations.

He’s saying this as an encouragement, but it hasn’t yet happened. That word that he’s using for, “under your feet shortly,” – en tachei. I want to illustrate to you it’s not something that you can say, “Well, yeah, but you know it’s in the book of Revelation and nothing’s happened there yet so” No, it’s through the Bible. It’s being used elsewhere. What about this word for, “the time is at hand?” Go to James 5:8. “Be ye also patient; establish your hearts: for the coming of the Lord draweth nigh.” So you can see what I’m trying to do is I’m trying to take away the ridicule that’s been put on this Book to show you these very same words, en tachei and eggus, “the time is at hand” and ‘shortly’ are elsewhere.

Now when James was writing I’m sure he really meant to encourage the people in whatever dimension that he intended, likewise Paul. Now, 2nd Peter 3 has the logical time frame; God’s time’s not our time so, “one day is as a thousand years with the Lord, a thousand years is as one day.” So, what is time to God? I don’t know, but all I’m telling you is it’s not a unique usage in Revelation. So when people talk to you about this and they say, “Well, it says with speed,” quickly, must happen quickly, and “man it hasn’t happened yet,” you need to tell them, “Well, yeah, but I know the grammar behind this or I’ve seen the structure of what this is, or I know the usages elsewhere, and I know that there are a lot of other things that haven’t happened yet because they’re all small little prophetic voices that all are saying the same thing.” Remember, Dr. Scott used to say, “major in God’s repeatables?” You have it here so you don’t have to think about, “well I’m not sure.” I wanted to cover that before we proceeded.

Now, let me go to the rest of this. Sometimes I get very animated and forget where I am. All right. He (signified) and I put this in brackets because if I could make it less crazy I would say something for you to look at he – this is a ‘Scott-ism’ – He, ‘sign-i-fied’ it. He, with signs – break down that word ‘signified’ ‘sign-i-fied’ and you’ll see the signs and the symbols used in the Book and everything that’s in the Book. If we have time, we’re going to look at everybody knows, everybody’s been taught about the value of numbers in God’s Book, but in the book of Revelation it’s paramount that you know the repeated numbers have a meaning and it’s not enough to say ‘complete’ or ‘perfect.’ There are other underlying tones we’re going to look at if we get there. So, “with speed and He signified it having sent it by” or through “the” definite article “the angel,” specific.

Pastor Melissa Scott

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