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The Explorers of Ararat by Pastor Melissa Scott

July 30th, 2010

“And, behold, I, even I, do bring a flood of waters upon the earth” never, never seen before; it will “destroy… everything… where the breath of life is…under heaven”- everything is going to be gone, “But with thee I will establish my covenant” – another first: first time for grace, first time for righteous or sedeqa, first time for covenant ever spoken of in the Bible. And He goes on to tell him what he is going to bring into the ark. Of course we know they put the animals in. We will discuss this because the animals going into the ark is a completely different story. There is much detail, people just glaze over it and say well, okay these animals and thus and so.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that there is reason why “two” and “seven.” There is reason why God knew He was going to see Noah through. They come out on the other side and there is a reason, not just procreation of the animals. And believe you me while the animals were in that ship, there was a lot of stuff going on. A lot of people think well they are put in their little stalls and everybody was happy. How much weight carried it, some of you already have a perverse mind I can tell. Keep your mind on the Lord. Animals: you got to feed them and they produce other stuff. So with no capacity to open the door and get the stuff out of there, it must have been terrible. It must have stunk in there. It must have just been absolutely terrible.

Now lest you think I have gone too Bible on you, and I want to read this before I run out of time. Some of these books are super great. This is one that I like well because even though the person who wrote this, B. J. Corbin, it is a compilation of people, The Explorers of Ararat. What I like about this is he starts out by saying not everybody in essence believes in the Bible or not everybody is basing their facts on thus and so. So basically just bear with me until you hear what I have to say. And I like that because he is not putting his belief down my throat first.

He is going to present some evidence. Now this book is, I will probably bring this to Festival tonight and we’ll go through it but he amassed some information about the whereabouts. I just watched a documentary where people snuck into a country to try and get a glimpse and photos, they were kicked out – it is very secretive. Now either somebody is hiding something or there is a good conspiracy, but in any event this has been going on for a long time.

Pastor Melissa Scott

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