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The kingdom of God by Pastor Melissa Scott

August 31st, 2010

“Confirming the souls of the disciples, and exhorting them to continue the faith, continue in the faith, and that we must go through much tribulation to enter the kingdom of God.” Now, I don’t understand what’s complicated about that. That’s what the Bible says. It’s a part and parcel of what I said weeks before of pressing into the kingdom. That’s how you’re going to be pressed in and the more you push through your tribulation, get me away from this, get the troubles away from, get my circumstances away. Okay smart aleck, whack, more for you. There’s a little bit more because you grumbled in your circumstances instead of saying thank God for the fire, thank God for the situation that will bring out the best in me, produce my beginning of my Christ-likeness that I’m hoping daily to be conformed a little bit, little bit, little bit, little bit more each time. Whew! I made it through that one, there’s no more tribulation. Right? Wrong.

He says, I’m going to come back to this maybe, He says and the ptocheian, the poverty, the poverty and this is not translated, it’s a direct, but it’s not translated in the original ‘poverty.’ Let me talk about that.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that this message is so totally backwards from everything else you’ll hear out in the world because it’s straight out of the Bible. I’m not adding or taking away to it. That’ll hit you in about 30 seconds, maybe. The poverty, “I know your tribulation and the poverty.” Not just any poverty. There’s another word in the Greek called penia. Looks like penia, that’s someone who just squeaks out a living, they just barely get by. This word here ptocheian, utter destitution, nothingness; you have absolutely nothing. How could the church of Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ Himself is speaking, say “I know your tribulation and your poverty,” how could this be His church?

Pastor Melissa Scott

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