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There is dignity in giving by Pastor Melissa Scott

September 15th, 2010

And you assign that seed and you say ‘This is my seed for Bobby Sue and Suzie whatever-her-name-is and that they might be prosperous. The only people that are prospering in that whole scenario are the people collecting the money on the other side. And I say that; they may be putting their money back into the ministry. None of my business. But what needs to happen in the church today, somebody needs to step out and teach the people. There is dignity in giving. Don’t be a beggar. We know we own a debt beyond what we can ever pay. The woman with the alabaster box if you want a type of how we ought to give when we give: she gave unconditionally she didn’t say ‘I’m going to put some of it on me and then I’ll put the rest on Jesus.’ She gave it all to Jesus. (Applause.)

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that the church needs to be taught the dignity. And God bless my husband because he taught you and he also taught me that I don’t have to be reduced to some gimmickry. I don’t have to reduce myself to some level to say ‘if you’ll send me your money…’ Yes. I’ll be honest with you – if you’ll send me your money, but don’t send it to me because you feel bad. This is not a charity. Don’t send the money to me because you’re going to take a tax deduction. I will still hold the same policy. We will not give a tax deduction. You’re not going to double-dip into the pot. Sorry. (Applause.)

You may be – come on. Please. I want you to listen to me. Some of you are finding out I mean business. I already know the tide that I am bucking. It’s just easier – I said this last week. If I would just tell you that you’re so great… You know there’s a grain of truth in everything that’s being said. I’m talking about outside in the world. Yes, if you plant a seed you will get blessed, but it’s not going to be the blessing you think just because you put ten dollars here doesn’t mean you’re going to get a hundred back. The blessing comes because God loves the hilarious giver. Not because you’ve kind of decided ‘well if I give this much money here and then if I get that much money back…’ Do you know what I think that God hates more than liars He hates thieves: people who think that they can sit and take it in.

Pastor Melissa Scott

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