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The Lord’s Supper by Pastor Melissa Scott

September 21st, 2010

Now like I said usually we use languages to do an accurate translation of something. Today I put the languages up because my hopes is – and I hope that people, wherever people are in the world today, whether it’s your first time listening or you’ve listened and you’ve been a Christian, you’ve been here for thirty years. I hope we’ll all come back to this starting point. I’d put it in every language if I could take the time write down some other ones. Maybe people will look at this and in their own language they will see “all have sinned” – not some, not a few, not maybe but all. I’m not teaching in Romans.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that if you want teaching in Romans please Dolores Press has tapes. No one did a better job in teaching through the book of Romans, at least these chapters and passages we’re in and around than Dr. Scott. I’m not looking for that. I’m looking for something in the text that I’m going to depart with.

We gathered last Sunday night in the Chapel. I didn’t tell of you here. I’d actually forgotten. I was going to announce it and we were going to meet in the Chapel because I had planned to film a Communion. I just want to see hands. Listen carefully. How many are here who have not – that is a negative – you have never partaken in Communion or the Lord’s Supper? Show me your hands. Are there any people here? Don’t look at your neighbor.

Has everybody taken? It looks like everybody here has taken. That’s pretty good. But there are people who are just coming to the network. They’ve never had or taken Communion before. As far as they’re concerned the idea of taking Communion belongs to another denomination. It belongs to other people, primarily, usually the thought is it’s a Catholic doctrine or function or exercise, which it has become that in the church. And there’s a lot of people who are scared or reluctant to partake because A) they don’t understand. Now you’ve all been taught, so you all know this.

Pastor Melissa Scott

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