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The Day of Atonement by Pastor Melissa Scott

September 29th, 2010

The Day of Atonement was not only a day for each person but nationally and it had to be repeated every single year. Christ died on the cross once, once and for all, for everything. He bought the whole deal. So when people talk about whether their sins will be covered or whether they’re okay, whether they’re not okay – I’m really not quite sure at this point where they may be.

What does I’ve got this book, Boice – my husband used to like to read Dr. Boice and I’m going to read something to you from Dr. Boice on the subject of ‘there is no difference.’ Strangely enough I was going to read from somebody that he quotes but he does such a good little synopsis of it that it’s just well worth it to read what he said. On this ‘there is no difference’ he says “for many years when I came to this verse I had the feeling that it was somehow in the wrong place. It was not that Romans 3:23 was untrue. Obviously it is. For that is what Romans 1:18 through 3:20 is all about.”

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that if you want to know how good God is. He at least let my husband get through those most important passages so any of you who had the luxury of hearing; you basically heard everything there is to know about the good, the bad and ugly. You heard in those passages – thanks be to God he taught on them. It opened my eyes to a lot of things.

“What bothered me in that verse is that it didn’t seem to belong there. I felt that the words ‘there is no difference for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God’ belong with an earlier section; you know the one in the earlier parts when it talks about all the bad things, because that belongs to other people not everybody.

Pastor Melissa Scott

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