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The book of Galatian by Pastor Melissa Scott

November 16th, 2010
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But what I marvel at is people presenting the Ten Commandments and saying, “We need these. These are good for righteousness. We need to have these so we can walk uprightly.” And the minute you hear that you know the person who is saying it has not studied the New Testament and specifically, listen carefully, has not studied the Gospels enough to be able to stand and speak about Law or freedom.

You might ask, “Are the Ten Commandments good?” Sure they’re good but we can’t, we can’t attain to them. And in fact if we’re realistic, when Jesus came, He raised the bar even higher than the Ten Commandments. The Ten Commandments simply said, Don’t kill. Jesus said, If you think the thought…. That’s way up there somewhere. I was here at: Thou shalt not kill, and think, “Well I’ve never done that.” But now, Jesus says if you think it it’s as bad as the deed. Well the bar has been raised so high I could never attain to it now anyway.

Pastor Melissa Scott wants us to listen carefully, people. When for example, in the Ten Commandments it says you are to keep the sabbath holy, then go and read the Gospel record where Jesus and His disciples were going through the cornfield and they hungered and the disciples began to pluck the corn and eat. You’re not supposed to do that. Keeping it holy means no work, no work whatsoever. No working in the field, all of your food has already been picked, it’s been prepared. These are Judaic laws even in modern day orthodox Jewry, you find the food is prepared Friday before sundown, usually in pots and things that they even have it down to a science where if they have a stove they keep on simmer then they haven’t touched anything so when the sabbath comes, their food is warm. It’s warming, it’s been cooked and it stays like that through the sabbath: Friday, sundown until Saturday, sundown.

Pastor Melissa Scott