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His blood by Pastor Melissa Scott

August 22nd, 2011

We have to keep going to find out. In the Arabic, we have here be- ha- n- l- n- a- a- l- f- d- a- b- d- m- h- we’ll put a little “a” there, wa- sa- wasa- hfa- ha- a- al- ha- fa- wa- a- tsa-. I only put half of the sentence here because it’s the only part that I really need. So, “in Him,” which is the same thing; in fact, the letters are very similar. The “b” and the aspirate for ha behet or bo and this word here, which in fact you’ll see the similarity between the Arabic and the Hebrew.

This word yano, it looks like nol, nolna to us, and this word should be very familiar to you, with Dr. Scott showing you and teaching you from the Arabic al feda, “redemption.” It is the same word being translated. It’s not equivalent in its value, but it certainly does give the right picture, “redemption,” al feda. In what? In bedama, the same thing, “in the blood.” So they’re all saying the same thing. We have the same thing. Let me just pick it right here from the Ethiopic: bedamu, this makes it “of His blood,” “the blood of Him,” or “His blood” for the Ethiopic.

Pastor Melissa Scott

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