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The Living God by Pastor Melissa Scott

August 30th, 2011

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that there is a funny thing in that passage, if you read it closely, Paul says to Philemon ‘whatever he stole, it’s an IOU, I’ll make good on it.’ He also says ‘I don’t see how it could be an IOU,’ because if you look closely you’ll see Philemon was a convert of Paul. So in essence he’s saying ‘I don’t know how it could be an IOU because basically you’re indebted to me.’ By the way, Paul subsequently says to Philemon ‘He’s profitable for me now. Take him back and don’t take him back as a slave, take him back as though you are receiving me.’ We are very much like Onesimus this way.

We are slaves to the flesh, we are slaves to the world, but if we can run away and get to the place where we can really hear the Gospel being preached, God’s Word and not some gimmickry, there’s hope. I’m tired of hearing people talking about seed faith and about the prosperity doctrine. Do you remember the phrase “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”? How many remember that? Show me your hands. If we put that to God it would be “Ask not what you can do for God, but what God can do for you.” That’s the society we live in. Instead of being servants of the Living God, we want the Living God to be our servant.

We owe a debt to our Lord and Savior we can never repay, the good news of Jesus Christ. What more did the first Church need? What more do we need? Just preach the Gospel. Just Faith, and “Faith” as the song says “in the promises.” That’s what I wanted to come talk about today, Faith in the promises.

Pastor Melissa Scott

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