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The Old Testament Feast Days by Pastor Melissa Scott

November 4th, 2011

So the word picture in the book of Revelation concerning the sound of these trumpets is not accidental language; we will return to the meaning in context at the close this message. But those who do not understand God’s set times and His feast days will quickly read over that passage in Revelation and it will have absolutely no meaning; it’s just trumpets sounding. Those of you familiar with the meaning of the Old Testament feast days already know what the sound of the trumpets symbolizes. But I bring this to your attention say that the Bible is like the weaving of a whole tapestry: without bringing together all the elements, without an understanding of the Old Testament prophecies, you cannot understand the Book of Revelation.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that in the previous message, we began to talk about Daniel’s prophecy concerning “seventy weeks of years.” We are going to Daniel because I need to point out a key to understanding his prophecies. Without this, they will be very, very confusing. In Daniel 9:24, Daniel is told, “Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and thy holy city.” If we don’t understand what and who “thy people” are, we cannot understand this prophecy. Many teachers misunderstand this key point; but Dr. Scott and a very few others distinctly demonstrated who “thy people” are: “thy people” are Daniel’s people, the Jews. And “thy holy city” is Jerusalem.

But we need to clarify what we mean when we use the historic words “Jew” and “Jewish.” We will look at where these words came from to enable us to see who “thy people” are; and maybe all of “thy people” don’t fall under the category of all the people who we have now labeled nationally or religiously as the Jewish people. That has been the mistake of many who have interpreted prophecy. They say, “Well, all these prophecies are given to one place, and they are given to one people.”

Pastor Melissa Scott

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