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The Daniel’s Prophecy by Pastor Melissa Scott

November 7th, 2011

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that our calendar is different from the Jewish calendar that used thirty-day months and a 360-day year. And our calendar uses different valued months, a 365-day year, plus or minus leap year factor. So you can calculate the difference between the two dates by first multiplying the 476 years by the 360 days on the Jewish calendar, and then dividing it by the number of days in our calendar, using a factor something like 365.24219879. This will give you the total number of days on our current calendar. So there is a discrepancy depending on the calendar you are using: one comes out to 173,880 days. The other one comes out to 173,855 days. There is a difference of twenty-five days between our calendar and the Jewish calendar in terms of the time of the decree to the time of the cutting off of Messiah.

Some of you have books on this subject, and they are right when they say that the starting point of the Daniel’s prophecy was the decree was issued to Nehemiah on March 5th, 444 BC. The only problem is when you look at the dates that they place Jesus Christ crucifixion. I’m looking at the works of seven different scholars and they all have a different date. And not one of these scholars fixes the date at the 14th of Nissan on the Jewish calendar. In fact, there really is not a discrepancy. If you go back and recalculate, you’ll find something that is going to be very important for us, is when we come to talk about the set times of God, those twenty-five days, the twenty-five days are really there. Why is this important?  Even if twenty-five days were “missing,” think about what had to happen.

God was not rolling the dice saying, “Come on seven!” He wasn’t doing that. Why? Because it had to happen like this. Nehemiah had to be seen looking down-in-the-mouth by a heathen king.

Nehemiah was running the risk that the king would put him to death. In those days, you didn’t come into the king’s presence looking saddened and down. The king inquired, “Servant Nehemiah, what is your problem?” And Nehemiah tells him. And the heathen king issues the decree to rebuild the city, and everything starts to go forward. That’s why I said to you, “Do think it’s an unwinding ball? No, but God sets certain things in order including the timing. And you read these things and you go, “Wow! All of these events happened at God’s set times!” – the virgin birth, the public ministry of Jesus, His death by crucifixion and His Resurrection!

Pastor Melissa Scott

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