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Every Power by Pastor Melissa Scott

December 1st, 2011

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that’s insanity.” it’s the power to make you turn around and say, “no, these are the forces that are trying to fight me from getting to my place; his purpose in me.” and if that’s not enough, “far above” – I’ve got to get my Greek Testament here, because King James is kind of phooey-hooey. “Far above” – here we go – “far above all arkase.” Arkase, what is at the front or the beginning. “far above exousias, authority” – what you have here is “principality and power.” “Far above all arkase, far above every power that is at the front, far above all exousias, all authority. Far above the dunameos;” that’s why I told you it’s not human power. It’s some other power and by the way that dunameos can be the same power that the devil uses and we’ll encounter that later. “And kuriatatos” – it sounds like this word here. It’s a derivative of it: kuriatatos lordship, the “lordship and every name being named not only in this age, but in the one to come.” By the way when we get to this and we start to; he piles on all of these “far above in the heavenlies.”

I’m going to abandon my translation here because I want more importantly to focus on one thing. If this power that not only raised Him up from the dead, but gave Him the power above every power and every name, which is named. “and hath put all things” the word “put,” the word in the Greek is hypotasso. Hypotasso, not hypostasis, hypotasso. It has a military connotation of rank. The highest rank possible. When it says, “and hath put all things under his feet” (and I’m not going to bother with the italics right now) gave Him the Chief Place, the Chief, Commander and chief of what?

Pastor Melissa Scott

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