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The Holy Spirit by Pastor Melissa Scott

December 21st, 2011

Pastor Melissa Scott continues her teaching on the Holy Spirit.

Why does Paul say, if there’s no more demonic activity, “Put on the whole armor”? That’s why I love these people that say, “Well, if you’re predestined to a certain circumstance,” why do you need armor then? You know how it’s all going to work out. Just go about your business. Just keep going in the flow of things. I’m not trying to be ludicrous. I’m trying to make a point.

We so over-caricature the power of the devil. And I’d be the first to stand here and tell you had somebody talked to me fifteen years ago about the devil I’d be sitting where you are saying, “Okay. Right.”

If you are a faither, it should be axiomatic. You understand that there are spirit forces. And let me show you how crazy this is. Can you see the Holy Spirit? I cannot. I know what happens. The Holy Spirit takes hold and it’s doing something to me inside, like radioactive material. But I can’t see the Holy Spirit. So what makes you think there are no demon forces in the air about us? This is how crazy we are, “Well the devil doesn’t exist, but I believe in the Holy Spirit.” Help us. Lord, help us.

Pastor Melissa Scott

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