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God Has Only Just Started by Pastor Melissa Scott

December 9th, 2012
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Pastor Scott Teaches

Let me tell you, God is going to do something with this church.
Some of you are aware of the great things God has done and
without that foundation and platform we could not go from here,
but God has only just started. I want you to know that. 

And the true King gives the same opportunities today.
In 1 Samuel 23 there is a personality. He is nothing like
Nabal; rather, he has come to symbolize friendship. His name is

Remember, God is communicating the eternal with the drama
of these lives. Jonathan didn’t doubt David’s kingship.
Jonathan was the son of Saul, so in the natural he was the
true inheritor to the kingdom. He had to take quite a
step within himself not to resent David, but he didn’t
resent David: he loved David. He recognized that David was
the true king. He wanted David to be the king. He even
expected to be in the kingdom when it came. When David needed help,
Jonathan was always running there to help him. As a good man he was
hard to beat. He himself abdicated in spirit what he had in the natural a
right to claim.
He went to David one time when David was in trouble and said,
“You are the true king. You are going to be king. The Lord is
going to make you king and I will be next unto you.” That was not
pushing himself up but putting himself down under the true king that
God had anointed.
There are lots of people in today’s world, Pastor Melissa Scott tells us,
who are cut from that kind of cloth that inspire respect and
love and admiration. 

I have learned sometimes I can count on men outside the
church when trouble comes who rise to the challenge and want to
help the Lord more than some within the church. In terms of
quality and character I have to be honest and admit that sometimes
there are people outside the church more tenacious in their
everyday business and moral activities than some inside the
church who are forever crying out to God for mercy. 

Jonathan typifies that kind of person: a friend of God, one who
loves God, one who knows the truth of Jesus’ Kingdom, one who even
wants to be in the Kingdom when it comes. And anytime the Lord needs
a helping hand, the kind of good person who will go and help Him out
is a Jonathan.

Pastor Melissa Scott