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Repent? by Pastor Melissa Scott

November 10th, 2013
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To repent is “to turn from, to.” To be sanctified is to take this vessel, lay it on an altar and say, “Here, God, I’ve run this show long enough. You take it and see what You can do with it.” That is all that Elisha did; it’s just that ordinary. God’s claim reached into his life, and he could never be the same. He could say no, but he was never to be the same. He said yes, and he turned from his way to following the master.

He separated from the old way, and that is the meaning of the word sanctification. He cut himself off; he turned so completely from it that he slew the yoke of oxen and eliminated it. He didn’t keep the old way around to prove his sanctification; he separated from it. The root word for sanctification is hagios in the Greek. Anybody , a priest, whether he was a priest of the God we serve or of a heathen god, could make a “saint” of something, including himself, if he turned loose of it and gave it up completely to the use of that deity. The city of Corinth was full of saints to Aphrodite, people who gave themselves over to that heathen goddess. The word sanctification comes from the same root.

Pastor Melissa Scott concludes, you are turning loose of yourself and cutting yourself off from the old way. Now wouldn’t you say that Elisha had a pretty good start? I would say he is pretty high-quality material for God up to that point.

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