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Faith in the One Who Never Changes by Pastor Melissa Scott

February 16th, 2014

I want to narrow the topic of faith down to one subject today: divine healing. I would like the message to go to those who are well; the well who are strong enough to follow the admonition to lay the framework for the day when weakness comes. As Christians, we are too dependent upon sources of faith other than the One that never changes.

The reason my faith left when circumstances changed was that my faith was dependent upon the circumstance: the sight of a miracle, the atmosphere of a service, the presence of a person. The Word is with you all the time.

 So please get a pencil and write down these verses I am going to give you. I am going to give you keys to unlock doors and enable you to walk into the sphere of faith. If you are sick, will you remember you have written these down? If you can’t call on anybody, get to any atmosphere, or see a miracle; then be one, and start by planting the seed.

There are so many doors through which you can walk to plant the seed of faith in divine healing; if you don’t get faith by walking through the first door, then take the next key and unlock the second door. Somewhere, before you get through all of the doors, I will guarantee you that, in your moment of weakness, faith will come. Don’t try to “work it up,” just plant the seed. The promise is “Faith cometh by hearing.”

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