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Bring 100% of Your Self by Pastor Melissa Scott

August 19th, 2013
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In every dimension He won’t have anything less. You can’t bargain with Him. You can’t hold back. It is 100 percent or He will take the lame and the halt and the distressed and the debtors and the discontented who have nothing to lose but giving their all. That is the way it is. That is the tough side. Turn the coin over for the bright side: all He wants is you. The thing I fight as a preacher across this land is some inherited perfectionism out of Puritan New England. I have got friends all over the country who say, and it is admirable on the surface, “When I come to God, I’m going to live it.” They are going to be worth what they think they should be if they give themselves to God. If God demanded us all to be of the caliber of Jonathan or the rich young ruler it would eliminate some of us, wouldn’t it? But when I see Him build His Kingdom on these Adullamites and on those disciples, I say we all have a chance!

All He wants is you. All He wants is you 100 percent. The terms will never change. Bring your problems! Bring your faults! Bring your sins! Bring your doubts! Bring you!

Are you going to let Him abide


A God You Can Approve? by Pastor Melissa Scott

June 2nd, 2013
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We live in an age where everybody wants to create a God they can approve, but the facts are, that if God exists, it is more important to be on His side than it is for me to somehow make Him conform to my opinion. I learned a while back that if God existed at all, I had better get on His side. God is not shaking at all over my opinion. If He doesn’t exist, don’t mess with it; but if He does, this is His Word and He says the ultimate proof of God’s right to put everybody in one man is what happened after Adam. Did they die? They sure did: all of them are dead. Go find one of them still living; they’re all dead.

Therein is the proof, God can just bundle us all up and put us in one man.  In Adam, for one’s sin, He could let us all die; now for the life and death of One, He can put us all in Christ, and treat us all as dead on the cross, and now let us live in Him. It is an act of grace.