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Where is Your Focus of Attention? by Pastor Melissa Scott

June 22nd, 2014
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It is the difference of the Bethany household in Luke’s Gospel:
Martha is serving; Mary is with Jesus. The word translated “with” is the
same Greek word that opens John’s Gospel where we read, “In the
beginning the Word was with God.”

It means adoration; fixed, focus of attention; the difference between the work of the Lord and ministry to the Lord Himself. Martha is working; Mary is sitting there appearing to do nothing and Martha gets disturbed about it. “Make her get up and help me.” She brings up the subject, and she gets what’s coming to her.

Jesus says, “Martha, you are encumbered with much serving; but Mary has
chosen that better part, and it will not be taken from her.” If there is a
priority, it is in here.

Faith is hanging your body in action on what the mind has seen
and the heart has responded to. In the English language we have a nifty
separation between faith, as we define it, as just belief and obedience, so
we can sit in a congregation and say, “Well, that’s obvious. Amen, sure
it’s true!” and march out the door and promptly hang our body on
something else.

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